White label your video player and the landing page

Customize the look and feel of your page and video player with your own branding and colors.


Optimized for quality viewing experience

With a focus on user experience, we have created a video player that is lightweight and works seamlessly on slow- connection speeds.

  • Supports high-resolution videos

  • Buffer-free playback

  • Embeddable and mobile-responsive videos

Consistent Branding

Develope a seamless look for your brand that fosters trust, loyalty and dependability and gives a great first impression.

  • Add logo and banner to your video landing page
  • Choose Custom colors that suit your brand

Convert users inside the player

With Custom annotations you can capture leads from right inside the video reducing friction for the user. Annotations can be in the form of

  • Call To Actions
  • Banners
  • Forms
  • Book a meeting

Video Playlists

The video playlist option allows you to mark a playlist as a set of videos that need to be watched sequentially. This allows your viewers to go on a content journey with you.

  • Create a binge-watch atmosphere
  • Compile all relevant videos together
  • Increase the total number of views you get

Give Your Videos A New Home

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