Tired of Insane Dubb Pricing? Looking for Dubb Alternatives?

How about StoryXpress?

This page details the differences between StoryXpress and Dubb. Choosing the right video platform is critical for your business. We want you to have the information required to do so.

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StoryXpress Vs. Dubb
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StoryXpress is a video platform for high-performing teams. From sales and marketing to customer support, access tools for you and your teammates to create, upload, edit, analyse, manage & share videos. You won’t need any coding expertise to figure out how to use the platform.


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Dubb is a video platform that lets you record video messages for internal as well as external communication at work. While the platform has some good features, the essentials are missing, the pricing is not competitive and the features are not as diverse as a modern business would want them to be.

Your business deserves a feature-rich yet cost-effective video platform

Dubb offers some great features but these are not as diverse as the requirements of modern day businesses. Add to it the fact that the free plan lacks the essentials such as creating HD videos, GIF thumbnails, downloading videos and annotating while you record. The basic features exist, but some of the most crucial features such as advanced video editing,video chapters and thumbnail A/B testing are not available even in the most expensive plans, making it not so useful for marketing, sales & support teams.

Not to forget, you don’t get any great customer support either. For phone support and a dedicated account manager, you must pay 10 times more than what you’d pay with for StoryXpress. Hands down, StoryXpress is a feature-packed, wholesome and cost-effective alternative to Dubb. You get everything you need at one place right from video recording and editing to hosting and managing, at a cost that you can afford, plans starting at $8 per month.

Looking for Dubb Alternatives?

Here are a few reasons to consider StoryXpress:

Accessible Essentials

Dubb has a free plan but the essentials such as HD video recording, annotating while you record, downloading the videos, generating GIF thumbnails are not available. On the other hand, you get these essential features for free using StoryXpress.

Priority Support

If you seek phone support using Dubb, you must be one of their highest-paying customers, paying equivalent of or more than $960 per year. That’s not the case with StoryXpress, where you get priority support even if you subscribe to the Individual plan for $96 per year, which is 10 times less!

Cost-effective Solution

Dubb is a very restrictive platform. If you want to have unlimited storage and record unlimited number of videos, you must pay $960 per year. However, with StoryXpress, you get all of this in the Individual plan, for $96 per year.

Custom Onboarding

If you are new to the world of videos and would like some hand-holding using Dubb, you will be a bit disappointed, because Dubb doesn’t offer that, even in the most expensive plan. That’s not the case with StoryXpress, where we help you get started with the platform even if you subscribe to the Pro plan for $39 per month.


StoryXpress seamlessly fits in your software stack and offers hassle-free integrations with leading SaaS products such as Calendly, CampaignMonitor, Freshworks & more integrations created on-demand. If you use any of the above tools, you can’t integrate with Dubb.

Video Chapters

With StoryXpress, you can segment your video into sections called chapters. This lets your viewers readily have more information about what’s coming next and allows them to replay selected sections of the video, without going through the entire video again. You can’t add chapters to your videos using Dubb.

Dedicated Account Manager

Having a dedicated account manager makes your experience with the product smooth and easy but if you expect one with your Dubb account, you would be disappointed because you get one only if you are a Pro Plus plan subscriber, paying around $960 per year. That’s not the case with StoryXpress though, where you have a dedicated account manager even if you subscribe to the Business plan for $468 per year.

Thumbnail A/B Testing

Don’t make decisions off of a “feeling”. Rather than relying on guesses or assumptions to choose the best thumbnails for your videos, run an A/B test using StoryXpress. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with Dubb.

Limited Editing Options

Using Dubb, you can make quick edits by trimming the beginning or end of your video. And, that’s about it. You can’t crop the video frame or blur sensitive information, if recorded by mistake. Neither can you add intro-outro clips to your brand videos. You can do all of this using StoryXpress, though for the same cost, that is $8 per month.

Why choose StoryXpress over Dubb?

Dubb- PRO

StoryXpress - Business
Price$32 /Month
$79 /Month
Unlimited Recording (Cloud Storage)check linecheck line
Unlimited recording (Local storage)close linecheck line
Video Sharing Page Customizationcheck linecheck line
Slack notificationscheck linecheck line
Calls-to-actioncheck linecheck line
Custom Landing Pagescheck linecheck line
Video player customizationcheck linecheck line
Video Hostingcheck linecheck line
Video Downloadcheck linecheck line
Video embedcheck linecheck line
Custom Thumbnailscheck linecheck line
Video Playlistscheck line