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Here’s a Quick Review and Comparison

This page details the differences between StoryXpress and Awesome Screenshot. Choosing the right video platform is critical for your business. We want you to have the information required to do so.



StoryXpress is a video platform for high-performing teams. From sales and marketing to customer support, access tools for you and your teammates to create, upload, edit, analyse, manage share videos. You won’t need any coding expertise to figure out how to use the platform.


Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a screenshot-capturing and video recording tool that lets you do some basic stuff. However, if you are looking for an end-to-end video solution for your sales, marketing or customer support functions, then this is not the tool for you.

Your business deserves a full-stack alternative to Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a very basic screenshot-capturing and video recording tool but it’s not a one-stop shop for all of your video requirements. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, you can’t rely on a platform designed just for recording videos or capturing screenshots.

It’s true that their plans are cheaper, but then you don’t get all the essentials. The features are not as diverse as the requirements of modern day businesses. The basic features exist, but some of the most crucial features such as inbuilt video editing, playlists, video chapters and channels are not available, rendering it useless for marketing, sales & customer support teams.

StoryXpress is a feature-packed and cost-effective option — you get everything you need at one place right from video recording and editing to hosting and managing, at a cost that you can afford, plans starting at $8 per month.

Why choose StoryXpress over Awesome Screenshot?

Awesome Screenshot- Basic

StoryXpress - INDIVIDUAL

StoryXpress - BUSINESS
Price $4 /Month
Billed Annually
$8 /Month
Billed Annually
$79 /Month
Billed Annually
Video Recording (Local Storage) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video Recording (Cloud Storage) Unlimited Unlimited
Watch & share videos 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Pre-recorded Video Uploads Unlimited Unlimited
Video Embeds Unlimited Unlimited
Video Download 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Video Playlists
Custom Thumbnails
Video Editing (trimming, crop, blur)
Video Editing (intro, outro)
In-video CTA (Button)
In-video Banner
In-video lead forms
In-video meeting CTA
Video Player custom branding
Thumbnail A/B Testing
Video View Counts
Password Protection
Video Analytics
Video Heatmap
Email-based UTM testing
Slack integrations
Zapier Integration
Gmail Integration

StoryXpress is power-packed with all the features you need

Import all your videos, instantly and securely

Free of cost
Quick and easy
Instant and secure

You're in good company

More than 100k brands all around the world rely on StoryXpress to communicate smartly using videos.

Best Buy
Johnson & Johnson
Best Buy
Johnson & Johnson

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