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Here’s a Quick Review and Comparison

This page details the differences between StoryXpress and Awesome Screenshot. Choosing the right video platform is critical for your business. We want you to have the information required to do so.

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StoryXpress Vs. Awesome screenshot
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StoryXpress is a video platform for high-performing teams. From sales and marketing to customer support, access tools for you and your teammates to create, upload, edit, analyse, manage & share videos. You won’t need any coding expertise to figure out how to use the platform.


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Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a screenshot-capturing and video recording tool that lets you do some basic stuff. However, if you are looking for an end-to-end video solution for your sales, marketing or customer support functions, then this is not the tool for you.

Your business deserves a full-stack alternative to Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a very basic screenshot-capturing and video recording tool but it’s not a one-stop shop for all of your video requirements. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, you can’t rely on a platform designed just for recording videos or capturing screenshots.

It’s true that their plans are cheaper, but then you don’t get all the essentials. The features are not as diverse as the requirements of modern day businesses. The basic features exist, but some of the most crucial features such as inbuilt video editing, playlists, video chapters and channels are not available, rendering it useless for marketing, sales & customer support teams.

StoryXpress is a feature-packed and cost-effective option — you get everything you need at one place right from video recording and editing to hosting and managing, at a cost that you can afford, plans starting at $8 per month.

Looking for Awesome Screenshot Alternatives?

Here are a few reasons to consider StoryXpress:

Exceptional Support

If you seek priority support using Soapbox, you may have to struggle because Soapbox doesn’t reveal their support policy in any of their pricing plans. That’s not the case with StoryXpress, where you get priority support even if you subscribe to the Individual plan for $8 per month.

Accessible Essentials

Awesome Screenshot has a free plan but the essentials such as uploading and downloading the videos, generating GIF thumbnails are not available. On the other hand, you get these essential features for free using StoryXpress.

Full-stack Video Platform

StoryXpress is a full-stack video platform. You get all the tools required for video recording, editing, and hosting in one place unlike Awesome Screenshot that’s all about recording videos and capturing screenshots. You don’t get any post-production tools such as video editor, branding and customization tools and so on.

Limited Set of Integrations

StoryXpress seamlessly fits in your software stack and offers hassle-free integrations with leading SaaS products such as Pipedrive, Calendly, Freshworks and Sendinblue. If you use any of these, you can’t integrate with Awesome Screenshot.

Impressive Branding Options

With StoryXpress, you can not only fully-customize the video player, and video page but also set the player controls – all of this for $8 per month only. However, these features are not available with Awesome Screenshot.

Wholesome Video Editor

Awesome Screenshot doesn’t provide you with a video editor. You can’t trim your videos, crop the video frame or blur sensitive information, if recorded by mistake. Neither can you add intro-outro clips to your brand videos. You can do all of this using StoryXpress, though.

Custom Onboarding

If you are new to the world of videos and would like some hand-holding using Awesome Screenshot, you may be in trouble because they don’t talk about custom onboarding in any of their plans. That’s not the case with StoryXpress, where we help you get started with the platform even if you subscribe to the Business plan for $79 per month.


StoryXpress lets you make your videos actionable. You get four types of CTAs that you can customize the way you want. Play around with buttons, banners, lead generation forms, and calendar CTAs; insert them wherever you want in the video and a lot more. This feature is not available with Awesome Screenshot.

Why choose StoryXpress over Awesome Screenshot?

Awesome Screenshot- Basic

StoryXpress - INDIVIDUAL

StoryXpress - BUSINESS
Price$4 /Month
$8 /Month
$79 /Month
Video Recording (Local Storage)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Video Recording (Cloud Storage)close lineUnlimitedUnlimited
Watch & share videos20UnlimitedUnlimited
Pre-recorded Video Uploadsclose lineUnlimitedUnlimited
Video Embedsclose lineUnlimitedUnlimited
Video Download20UnlimitedUnlimited
Video Playlistsclose linecheck linecheck line
Custom Thumbnailsclose linecheck linecheck line
Video Editing (trimming, crop, blur)close linecheck linecheck line
Video Editing (intro, outro)close linecheck linecheck line
In-video CTA (Button)close linecheck linecheck line
In-video Bannerclose linecheck linecheck line
In-video lead formsclose lineclose linecheck line
In-video meeting CTAclose lineclose linecheck line
Video Player custom brandingclose linecheck linecheck line
Thumbnail A/B Testingclose linecheck linecheck line
Video View Countsclose linecheck linecheck line
Password Protectionclose linecheck linecheck line
Video Analyticsclose linecheck linecheck line
Video Heatmapclose lineclose linecheck line
Email-based UTM testingclose lineclose linecheck line
Slack Integrationcheck linecheck linecheck line
Zapier Integrationclose linecheck linecheck line
Gmail Integrationclose line