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How Can StoryXpress Help?

Recording Lessons and Presentations

Use StoryXpress to create online lessons like a pro. Record presentations or anything else that’s on your screen. No fancy set-up required, get started right away.

Creating Video Lessons

Want to humanize your lessons a bit more? Use your webcam to record video lessons. You may also record your screen alongside while you appear in a bubble on the screen.

Annotate While You Record

Annotate while you record your lessons. Highlight crucial information or draw attention to concepts that may be hard to understand.

Premium Video Hosting Space

Host your online lessons in a premium, ad-free environment. No distractions or interruptions whatsoever.

Video Content Management

Organize your videos using folders based on subjects or themes. Invite your fellow tutors to your workspace and collaborate with them.

Editing Your Video Lectures

Edit your lessons to perfection and make them student-ready. Trim, crop and blur certain sections of your video to turn your raw footage into an awesome video for your students.

Lessons That are Actionable

Add call-to-actions to make your lessons actionable. This could be a button leading to the relevant lecture notes or additional study material.

Adding Compelling Thumbnails

Create and add thumbnails that are not only compelling but also give a sneak peek into what the subject of study is.

StoryXpress for Students

Multiple Ways to Share

Share your lessons the way you want. Copy the link to the video page and share straight away, post to social media channels or embed in your emails to the students.

Creating a Lecture Series

Create a series of lectures on a particular subject, and organize them as a playlist to send across the entire series at once.

Recording Your Zoom Lessons

Record your real-time Zoom lessons and share the recordings with students so that they can access and revise them as and when they want.

Setting Up Your Channel

Take your online education journey to the next level with StoryXpress channels. Host all of your lessons in one place and create a library of lectures that is readily shareable.

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