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Use your Walmart PDP URL to instantly create videos. Videos make your listings more engaging. Additionally, this could give your listing quality and search discoverability a boost.

Serving video needs of 300+ established and growing brands since 2018.

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Increase your discoverability

Drive more traffic to your item listings from higher search rankings with rich media for your items.

Key Features

Improved Conversions

Buyers have a short attention span to make an informed decision.

Highlight Features

Bring product details to life through engaging video content.

Upload-ready for Walmart

Compatible with technical and accessibility guidelines.


A single video can be applied to multiple SKUs within a similar category.


Our intuitive UI is easy to learn and master.

Stand out in search results

Improve the quality of your listings to potentially enhance search rankings and increase visibility of your products.

Streamlined Process

First draft on us

Bring your PDP URL, and StoryXpress AI will generate
the first draft of your video.

Review the draft

Review the draft and make changes to the
content as per your needs.

Video is ready

Create and upload the video to,
all within a few minutes!

A video is worth a thousand pictures!

Tell more about your product using videos and offer a convenient shopping experience to your customers.

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Customers expect product videos to be a part of their purchase journey. With StoryXpress, you will be able to create videos, upload existing videos and closed captions, and bring your product details to life.


1. What are the benefits of participation?

Buyers have a short attention span to make an informed decision. With StoryXpress, you can create impactful videos with existing creative assets to bring your product highlights to life.

2. Are the Videos approved by Walmart Marketplace?

StoryXpress is an approved Walmart Solution Provider. Both Videos and Closed Captions created on StoryXpress are compliant with Walmart's technical specifications.

3. Can the template be tweaked as per our brand guidelines?

Yes, custom template creation is offered as an additional service. The cost and turnaround time for the same depends on the complexity of your brand guidelines.

4. Can I publish a video to directly?

As of now, Walmart does not allow video publishing via other platforms. However, you can download the final video and closed captions files. Videos created using StoryXpress comply with technical and accessibility guidelines as prescribed by Walmart.
We are working with Walmart to bring a more seamless video publishing experience soon! Please email us at if you have any specific requirements.

5. Who will create the videos?

Our platform is a DIY-friendly yet customer-centric solution. We also offer a managed option as an additional service. Our team creates and manages your video content for a nominal charge per video.

6. What is the typical SLA?

In case of technical support regarding creation and downloading, we offer standard email support with an average response time of 24 hours.

7. What if I have more questions?

Please email us at for queries. Our team would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Optimize your listing quality.

Gain product visibility and more inclusion in marketing campaigns.