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What are Files and Folders?

Using folders you can organize your Storyxpress videos in a neat and organised manner. The videos can be basically organized in two libraries Personal (My Videos) and Shared. You can easily move, rename, mark/unmark as favorite, share a folder with your team members. 

How to create a new folder ?

  • Go to your StoryXpress Dashboard and select Videos Tab from the left sidebar. Select New Folder in the top right of the page.

  • Enter the desired name of the folder in the popup and new folder will appear in your current directory.


Marking a folder as favorite

  • To mark a folder as favorite simply click the Start Action button in the folder list item. To unmark the starred folder as favorite simply click on the star action button again.

  • The folders that you mark as favorite can be viewed by going to the favorites folder directory from the left sidebar menu.


Move a folder to another folder

  • You can move your folder anywhere in the directory ( inside another folder in the my videos directory or any folder in the shared directory)
  • In order to move a folder click on the Move Action button in the folder list item.

  • On clicking the move a button a modal will popup, select the library in whose folder you want to move the current folder to. 


Sharing a folder

  • The videos in your folder with the members of your workspace. You can share the folder by clicking on the Share Action button and select the list of the members you want to share the folder with.

  • You can easily search the members in your workspace by searching in the input field or select all members.
  • The shared folders and videos can be accessed from the shared directory tab in the left tab bar.

  • Hovering over the folder and videos list will give you a checkbox. You can select all the folders and videos you want to. You can select the appropriate action whether to share in bulk, move or delete the selected items from the action popup.