The individual video analytics shows you the detailed video performance, segregated into two parts: StoryXpress Analytics and Social Analytics.

Understanding the Individual Video analytics dashboard


Views: Views are the total number of times a video has been watched. If you will notice carefully you will see the number of unique viewers as well.

Impressions: Impressions are the number of times a video has been viewed or displayed on a webpage.

Play Rate: Play rate is the ratio of the number of times a video has been played and the total number of impressions it has received.

Total watch time: Total watch time is the total duration for which a video has been watched.

Average watch time: Average Watch time is the average duration for which a video is watched, per view

Engagement graph: It shows viewers’ consolidated engagement percentage every second, throughout the video.

UTM Source views: Ratio of views you are getting from different platforms where you have shared the links

UTM Source Impressions: Ratio of number of times user have visited to your video page from the shared different platforms

User sessions: Gives you a glimpse of the user’s pattern on how they are watching the video, the parts they’re skipping and so on.