After the recording is finished, you will find options to customize your video right above the video player.

Click the Thumbnail button.

  • You can see your current thumbnail in a small window provided on the right side of the video player.
  • Adjust the slider button on the video player in order to freeze a specific frame as your thumbnail.

Add Banner Text

  • Write Banner Content.
  • Select a required Font Size for the Banner Text.
  • Select a required Font Style for the Banner Text.
  •  Choose Between Bold or Italics font-weight.
  • Choose the Text and the Banner Color.
  • Align the Text.
  • Press the blue colored “Apply” button.

Upload a Custom Image

  • Click the Upload button.
  • Select the image from your desktop

Add GIF as a Thumbnail

  • Adjust the slider button to the desired frame
  • Click Select Gif as a default thumbnail