How to setup a default video page style?

Default settings, Edit and Customise

Check out this video for quick steps-


In order to set up your custom video page style, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Custom Page tab under Default settings
  • Click on the “Create new page styles” to create your custom video page style. You can set your created page style as default by simply clicking on it. You will observe the tick mark appearing on your default page style. (Refer to the image below)
  • This will allow you to create a new style or edit an existing one. (Please note you will  not be able to edit the default style)

Change the custom default page



Screenshot 2021 1



  • The Video Page can be customized as per your Company’s branding and it’ll be set as default for all your videos. This includes the following:
    – Naming your Page style
    – Uploading your logo on the player & favicon
    – Adding a URL to your logo
    – Uploading images and gradient colors of your Hero image
  • You can also toggle on and off to hide the creator details and description
  • Set up default settings for receiving video replies from your viewers.
  • Click on “Update Custom Page style” to implement the changes and set up the page style as default for all your recorded videos