Here is a quick video showing the same:

The video post production features not only allows you to Trim, Crop and Blur but also add Intro and Outro clips to your video after it’s recorded.

To see the Video editing features:

  • Go to Videos section and choose the video you wish to edit
  • Select “Video editing”StoryXpress 3 1 1
  • You’ll see the option to Blur, Trim and Crop or add Intro and Outro clipsStoryXpress 4 2


  • Drag the slider to define Blur area duration in the video.
  • From the right side you can choose to minimise/maximise the Blur percentage and define height & width
  • Once you define the timing, hit apply


  • Use the slider to define the a portion to crop and hit apply


  • Use the slider to define the video duration or setup start and end time manually, hit apply to implement the changes.


  • Using any of the two buttons visible add the clips and click on ‘Apply’.¬† Increase uniformity across all of your videos¬† with this feature.
    Screenshot 2021 2