What is the use of Sendfox integration?

With the Sendfox integration, you can ensure that your leads land up in your favourite mailing list.

How to setup Sendfox integration?

  • Under workspace in the sidebar menu, click on Integrations
  • Search for Sendfox and click on “get app”

Sendfox integration

  • You’ll see the prompt to enter your personal Access token, if you do not have the access token – click on “create new access token”

personal Access token

  • Click on “Create new token” to access Sendfox settings

Create new token

  • Enter a name and hit “Create” to see your personal access token


Create Token

  • Copy the token and head over to the StoryXpress tab


Personal Access Token

  • Paste the Access token and hit Submit

Connect with Sendfox Account.

The Sendfox configuration is now complete. You can copy the link and play it in any of your tabs to see the Sendfox integration into play.