Managing WorkSpace – General and Members

Finding it hard to manage Big & Small details about how teams and employees are using the StoryXpress platform? We thought Workspace might help.

What is a Workspace?

As StoryXpress is a collaborative platform, a workspace allows you to have a team of people who would jointly work with you on the platform. This also has the capability to set default styling to your players and manage the roles assigned to your team members for effectively working on the platform.

The workspace includes the following:


  • General Workspace Settings – This allows you to rename your current workspace name, switch between different workspaces and allows you to create a new workspace.
  • Changing the player styling – Colours can be changed for the player in order to differentiate between brands and similar product lines
  • Notification Preferences – Get Notifications about the number of views on your videos by toggling the notification options
  • Setting Up the Custom Video Page –  Customize the custom video page according to your brand. Add elements like Logo, Favicon, Hero Image and Banner.


  • Team members and their roles – This allows you to add members to your workspace and assign them roles and manage the teams.

How to create a new team/workspace?

  • In the workspace bar, Click on General Settings icon  >> Add workspace

workspace general


Add workspace


  • Enter the Name of the workspace
  • Press on the Create button, to add a new workspace.Create workspace

How to switch between different workspaces?

  • Click on the General Settings on the left sidebar
  • The name of your team will be visible on the screen.
  • Click on the arrow that is next to it.
  • Select the team you want to work in.

This will allow you to switch between different workspaces.

Change workspace


How to rename the workspace?

To rename the workspace:

  • Go to the Workspace menu >> Click on the General option available on the left sidebar
  • Click on the pen icon to Change Name (Next to the team name) >> Click on the check button to make the changes.

Rename workspace/change workspace name


change workspace name

How to join an existing workplace?

  • In the Workplace settings,>> General >> New Workplace (Refer to screenshots above for the initial steps)Add workspace
  • Click on Join an existing workplace >> Add Invite token which is shared by the team ownerJoin a workspace

Here is how you can toggle the notification settings on the dashboard.

  • Click on the ‘General’ tab
  • Scroll down and find the push notification preference section
  • Click on the toggle button to enable or disable the notifications for the different video categories. (for eg: Uploaded, Recorded and Created videos)

Push notification

How to set the Custom Video Page?

Following are the steps to set up a Custom Video Page:

  • Click on ‘Add New Custom Page’, a modal will appear where you can upload logo, favicon, hero image according to your brand requirements.
  • Set the page settings as default by clicking on the ‘set as default’ button.

Add a custom page


Custom page styling

How to add more participants to the team?

  • Click on general settings >> Members >> Click on Add Member

Add members invite link

  • Enter either the email address of the new member or generate the invite link.member invite link


How to search for team members?

Go to the Members tab and click on the Search Bar on your right-hand side. (Refer to the above screen captures the first step)

Search member

How to change the role of a member?

General Settings (Under workspace) >> Members >> Change Role


Change member role


What is the difference between the Owner, Editor and Biller roles in the Workspace?

There are three types of roles assigned to members in a workspace:

  • Owner:  The owner has the right to add members and change the roles, apart from that has the right to view the billing history
  • Biller: This is the person on whose name the invoice is made
  • Editor: Team members who create or can edit the content which is created

How to delete members from the team or delete the team?

To delete a member: Workspace category >> Members >> Click on the Remove icon.

Remove member