Introduction to StoryXpress Recorder

Getting started with Storyxpress

We hope you have already installed the StoryXpress Recorder from the Chrome web-store. If you haven’t, download it now.

Download Clapboard

Recording with StoryXpress Recorder is easy!

To Record a video using StoryXpress Recorder, simply follow the below-mentioned steps and you will soon be recording professional videos in minutes:

  • Click the StoryXpress Recorder icon   (Now visible in your Chrome toolbar), if you still don’t see it. Click on the three dots on the top right of your chrome.
  • Login to your StoryXpress account

Once you have logged in, you can choose one of the following three recording options:

  1.  Screen Only: Record your screen only.
  2. This Tab: Record the current tab.
  3. Cam only: Record your face only. (and not the screen)

You can enable the Camera bubble in the Screen Only and Tab only mode.

There is a new addition to this where you can record your tab audio, toggle on the Capture Tab Audio option to make it happen.

Expand the drop-down for Advanced options and permissions for more options.

You can head to the Record, Upload, and Edit page for further instructions.