Introduction to StoryXpress Recorder

Getting started with Storyxpress

We hope you have already installed the StoryXpress Recorder from the Chrome web store. If you haven’t, download it now.

Download Clapboard

Recording with StoryXpress Recorder is easy!

To Record a video using StoryXpress Recorder, simply follow the below-mentioned steps and you will soon be recording professional videos in minutes:

  • Click the StoryXpress Recorder icon   (Now visible in your Chrome toolbar), if you still don’t see it. Click on the three dots on the top right of your chrome.
  • Login to your StoryXpress account

What more can you do with the extension:

  • Get access to your video library from the extension
    – Get the number of views on each video in the library
    – Retry failed uploaded videos
    – Get information on push notifications
  • Manage subscription details from the extension (Upgrade or downgrade your plan)

Once you have logged in, you can choose one of the following three recording options:

  1.  Screen Only: Record your screen only.
  2. This Tab: Record the current tab.
  3. Cam only: Record your face only. (and not the screen)

You can enable the Camera bubble in the Screen Only and Tab only mode.

There is a new addition to this where you can record your tab audio, toggle on the Capture Tab Audio option to make it happen.

Expand the drop-down for Advanced options and permissions for more options.

You can head to the Record, Upload, and Edit page for further instructions.

Here is how you can see the options:

Screenshot 2021 3