StoryXpress is a cloud-based video platform for businesses. It allows Video creation, personalization, hosting, recording, and analytics at scale to boost marketing, sales, and internal communication.

Here are the 3 kinds of videos we help the retailers & brands create to sell largely & strike an instant connect:

  1. Product videos – For product listings online, these are created using existing images and copy
  2. Personalized Videos– To run a mass campaign, these rich-content videos deliver a personalized message to each viewer
  3. StoryXpress Screen & Webcam Recorder– This chrome extension can be used for boosting sales, enhancing customer success, and effective intra-team communication

Additionally, we also provide a Video hosting and analytics platform that organizations can use to host their videos with StoryXpress and track how their videos are performing among viewers. Users can add CTA’s likes buttons and forms to makes videos a lead-generating machine. This will also increase audience engagement in the videos.

Video metrics let you figure out what is and what is not working among the viewers. Numbers give you an opportunity to fill those voids where you are lagging and make your product videos more interactive & lively.

With integrated enterprise video hosting & analytics options, StoryXpress is a one-stop video marketing platform for brands, manufacturers, and retailers of any size. Our AI-enabled creator platform powers some of the biggest brands/retailers in the world, including Target, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Hanes, and Unilever.