Understanding the Dashboard

StoryXpress offers a unified dashboard that allows you to organize your videos and data in one place. With a smart dashboard that provides advanced & detailed numbers on how your videos are performing worldwide, you can now watch your video metrics change in real-time.

The dashboard consists of the following information related to a video that a user can benefit from :

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats

This includes a snapshot of all the important metrics such as:

  • Number of credits
  • Number of Created, Uploaded and Recorded videos 

Activity Logs

Activity log

Activity Logs is a column assigned for all the actions taken by the members in a particular workspace. It includes details like:

  • Who has created the video
  • Notification about upgrading a plan
  • Change of role in the team
  • Addition of credits

Overall Views

Overall views

This allows you to keep a track of the number of views on a video.

You can choose among the various filters available to make your search more refined.

Member Stats

Member stats

Member Stat provides information on the number of created, recorded and uploaded Videos by each member in a team.

The bar graph with its vibrant colors is easy to read and understand.


Monthly Stats

Monthly Stats

Monthly Stats gives you information on the number of videos created every month category-wise. (created, recorded and uploaded i.e.)

Add a video to your dashboard

Add a video to StoryXpress dashboard

Click on Add Video >> Select one out of the options from the drop-down menu 

The videos can be either from the following:

  • The Creator ( created using the creator)
  • Already Existing (Uploaded)
  • Clapboard